Start&Stop Battery

Start & Stop batteries are made specifically for vehicles that turn off their engine while standing still, thus helping reduce fuel consumption and as a result the of the minimal exhaustion of dangerous materials it decreases air pollution, according to studies driving vehicles that have start&stop systems decreases the exhaustion of dangerous materials by 6%.

Start&Stop systems require a specified and unic battery which is modified and builded to endure a high number of charges and discharges, and high number of engine starts.

The system can identify when the vehicle stops and sends a command to turn off the engine. While the vehicle is off the battery is responsible for supplying electricity to all of the vehicle’s electrical systems, such as: power steering, electric windows, air conditioning, audio systems and more, and the battery also has to be ready for a quick restart of the engine.

You can find Start&Stop batteries with Volta authorized distributors.

AGM Batteries

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat, are batteries that are sealed and do not require care like water filling. Those batteries are being made by using VRLA technology (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and the pressure inside the battery is being controlled using valves. Some of the AGM batteries can be used for vehicles that have a Stop& Start system.

AGM batteries have many advantages in compare to EFB batteries (the more commonly used type of batteries for vehicles with start&stop systems) by having a longer service life and battery credibility, AGM type batteries have very low self-resistance and very high capacity, and are capable of supplying very high electrical currents.

An AGM battery offers a discharge rate of 80%, in oppose to other batteries which supply only 50% battery discharge rate in the same cycle life. Those batteries can withstand extreme usage such as repetitive engine starts, extreme temperatures and vibration (like in a washing machine for example).

Because it is a sealed battery the acid can’t spill even in extreme circumstances like a car accident and roll over. Thanks to all of those qualities AGM batteries can reach up to 5 times more service life in compare to regular batteries, which earned AGM batteries a reputation of quality long standing batteries that last for a while even in complex situations.