About Us

Vulcan Automotive Industries was founded in the year 1936 and is the longest standing battery company in Israel that manufactures and sells batteries for all vehicle types under the brand VOLTA. Among our products there are batteries for all applications, Such as Start&Stop batteries,Deep-Cycle Batteries and batteries for all industrial uses.

 The company’s factory is located in the northern part of Israel in Tefen industrial park in the western galil district in Israel where we hire employees from all of Israel’s society.

All of the batteries Vulcan manufactures have a made in Israel stamp and are regulated by the SII standard ISO9001, all while listening and adjusting and being regulated by the Israeli ministry of environmental protection. Vulcan’s batteries are Israeli and world renowned as high quality batteries thanks to many years of experience. The variety of batteries that is being manufactured by the company covers all vehicle types and includes private vehicles, buses, trucks, and heavy duty mechanical equipment.

Vulcan Automotive Industries is the exclusive Dealer for YUASA batteries in Israel.

In the year 2012 Vulcan was purchased by B.M.B assets and is owned by the Bitton brothers group. Since then the company has been spending many resources in improving and developing our products. In 2014 Vulcan won the chief scientist prize for innovation by developing the NANO technology that improves the batteries number of cycles.  

Core industries started as a department in a very well established Israeli company called “Solel Bone”, which is a construction company that was owned by the Israeli employee’s society. The department’s duty was to make all of the factories owned by core industries work more efficiently, among them Vulcan’s factory.

Volta’s batteries are being distributed in more than 1,000 points of sale nationwide by authorized distributers, car electricians, garages, towing company and more.

וולקן תעשיות רכב זכתה בפרס “מוצר הנאנו טכנולוגיה של השנה” ,מטעם המדען הראשי, על פיתוח נאנו המשפר את ביצועי המצבר בצורה משמעותית.