About Us

Vulcan Automotive Industries Ltd, is Israel’s leading car battery manufacturer
and distributor. Established in 1954, Vulcan is renowned for its Volta brand
name of high quality, reliable and maintenance free batteries for all vehicle
types: truck batteries, motorcycle batteries, scooters batteries, deep charge
batteries, deep discharge batteries, SUV batteries, jet ski batteries, back up
batteries and more. With 1600 customers and 2000 points of sales throughout
Israel, Vulcan serves Israel's entire automotive market as well as several
customers in Europe.

Vulcan-Volta prides itself for its capability to
provide customers with a wide range of car batteries in both 24 Volt and 12
Volt capacity, between 36Ah and 220Ah, wet or charged. Volta batteries are
compliant with international standards: DIN, IEC, JIS, Mil Spec., ISO
9000:2000, ISO 9002.

Since 2008, Vulcan has been expanding its product
portfolio to include a variety of practical solutions for vehicles: air
compressors, various flashlights, booster cables, car battery cases, car
battery chargers, car battery testers. Vulcan is also offering a new product
line of innovative car roof bars, roof racks, bike carriers, as well as
attractive collections of useful and fashionable car accessories such as car
floor mats, car seat covers, car window shades and more.

Vulcan's technologically advanced car battery
factory, located at the Tefen Industrial Park, Western Galilee, Israel, is an
advanced and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility operating in
accordance with the Lean production practices. Our team of talented expert
engineers continuously enhances Volta products and develop new strategies to
better serve our customers' requirements.

Volta clients enjoy an impressive selection of car
batteries, manufactured locally or by leading manufacturers worldwide, as well
as an advanced country-wide sales & distribution network. Volta's
outstanding service apparatus is constantly enhanced by our executives' and
employees' commitment to providing professional, personal service.

Vulcan-Volta high quality products and competitive
prices provide our customers with the maximum value for their resources and
position Vulcan-Volta as the car battery and car accessory manufacturer and
provider of choice.