I purchased a vehicle with a battery under warranty, yet the previous owner did not provide me with a warranty certificate or an invoice for the battery. What should I do if my vehicle won't start?

In order to find out wether the battery needs to be charged or is malfunctioning for a different reason, we suggest visiting the nearest service station and having the battery checked by a professional who will provide a solution according to our findings.

The battery's warranty expired a few days ago. What should I do?

Have the battery tested at the nearest Volta service station. If the battery needs charging, or is malfunctioning, a discount may be given towards the purchase of a new battery.

The battery is malfunctioning and I cannot reach a service station. What should I do?

Call the road repair service. A vehicle mechanic will be in touch with you.

My vehicle won't start and a tow to the nearest Volta service station will cost more than a new battery. Can I arrive at the service station with just the vehicle's battery?

Since the problem may be the vehicle's alternator or altogether different, it is recommended to bring the vehicle to the service station and properly diagnose the problem. In case you cannot deliver the vehicle to a service station, bring the vehicle's battery alone, yet have the vehicle throughly checked as soon as possible.

How can I tell if the problem is related to the vehicle or to the battery?

Check proper operation of the following items: vehicle's starter; headlights; horn; wireless car door keys, anti-theft coding device. If any these do not function, there's probably a problem with the vehicle's battery. Try starting the car using jumper cables and drive to the nearest Volta service station or call the help center and ask for the address of the nearest  Volta service station.

I have purchased a Volta battery yet the battery's Amperage is not compatible with the car manufacturer's Amperage requirements. What should I do? Can I replace the battery with one that has the proper Amperage for my vehicle?

You may consult with a Volta technician at the nearest Volta service station, regarding the proper battery your vehicle needs. Alternatively, you may visit Volta's Web site to find out which Amperage your vehicle requires by consulting with our vehicles Amperage table posted there.

Volta claims it runs a service station in each and every city in Israel. My vehicle is stranded in Ofakim – who should I contact?

You should describe your stranded vehicle's exact location to the Volta help center as posted on Volta's Web site. The help center will direct you to the nearest Volta certified vehicle electrician nearby.

Where can I purchase Volta vehicle accessories?

At any Volta sales point, at Home Center shops, and at any specialized vehicle accessories store.

My vehicles battery carries a heat stamp of 3/09 and I do not have a warranty. What should I do?

Have the battery checked at the nearest Volta service station

The new battery I purchased a month ago was stolen. What should I do?

We are very sorry to hear that. We will take this unfortunate situation into account and consider providing you with an additional  discount in order to minimize your financial damages.

I have purchased a new battery at a Volta service station but I have not received a warranty for the battery. What should I do?

Please contact us with details of the service station this battery was purchased at. We will provide you with a product warranty and do our best to ensure such incidents do not reoccur.

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