Environmental Policy

Batteries contain lead, acid and other hazardous materials which must be properl recycled and discarded to ensure they do not mix with water and soil, and eventually harm humans and wildlife.                
Vulcan-Volta's efforts to preserve the environment go beyond collecting and recycling dead batteries. Our production facilities were upgraded to maximize reuse of raw materials, reduce hazardous waste and optimize use of energy resources.
Two major environmentally-friendly production modernization projects enhance Vulcan-Volta's green best practices:
Plates' curing process is now performed when plates are positioned vertically
rather than horizontally. This improvement optimizes exposure of lead-pasted
plates to oxygen, humidity and temperature in the curing room. As a result,
plate loss is reduced and toxic waste is minimized. In addition, energy
resources are conserved since curing time is significantly shortened.
The process of applying paste - which contains lead, acid, fiberglass and other
hazardous materials – to the plates grid, is now more efficiently reusing these
toxic raw materials. Previously, excess liquids were neutralized and delivered
into a sewage treatment facility. Vulcan-Volta installed an apparatus returning
the excess materials to the paste mixing and production process. This
improvement allows for large amounts of unused lead to be reincorporated into production
thus conserving resources and minimizing release of toxic materials into the
sewage treatment facility.
Vulcan-Volta is fully compliant with local water
authorities regulations and manufacturing regulations. Dozens of tons of lead
waste are eliminated from our production process every year, toxic waste
transport is significantly reduced, and energy conservation is remarkably
Environmental Permits
A-    60039 Poisons Permit  from 25/08/2015 until 24/08/2017
B-    1104    Emission Permit from 20/02/2012 for 7 years
C-   Hazardous waste recycling permit

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